It all begun many years ago. My earliest memories are from when I was about five or six years old. Every summer we stayed at my grandparents summer place, which is an old farm that my grandparents and their ancestors used to run. What was so great about this place, along with having all of my family there, was all of the secret places that hid my grandmother's, aunts and uncle's clothes. You would be amazed. Long, velvet high wasted, wide legged trousers from the seventies. Striped shirts, jeans shirts – it was all like a dream, a secret world of another woman's closet. Me and my sister used to sneak into the old barn, which was one of the secret hiding places. There we could dive into old chests filled with these amazing clothes. Sometimes we took a leap of faith and dressed up and graciously walked the green runway of lawn. My grandmother used to laugh about it all, telling us stories from when she wore them herself. We could always see her care for the clothes, as if she longed back to the time they came from. We all did. How could we not?
We grew up with our grandmothers adventurous closet, and our mums explicit stories about how she sew her own dresses as a young girl. It all inspired me to become creative in different ways. And through this site I share with you my creations and inspirations.