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New year with a fresh start

New year with a fresh start

Have you ever said to yourself that you will change your life in January? A fresh start with bright new plans? Well, it's a fact that you are not alone. Obviously. However, to get those butt muscles kicking and those legs ready for spring, I thought I would give you a fresh start with this ridiculously mouthwatering smoothie. I guess you catch my drift, and of course it's a green one too! But hey, this one actually taste as good as it's for your body! 


2 Green apples

2 Lime

1 Mango

A handful of spinach

Ice cubes

Shaken not stirred..
Cut the fruit into pieces and get them into a mixer. Squeeze some lime juice over the fruits, pore some apple juice into the mix. Mix everything with some ice cubes, and viola – the smoothie is ready to be served (and enjoyed with a bunch of fun friends!)

DIY : The beauty and the beast: The lamp

DIY : The beauty and the beast: The lamp

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